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Chincoteague Island FAQs

Q. How bad are the mosquitoes?
A. Always bad. The town office posts notifications when the plane flies. The aerial spraying is contingent on weather. Prepare yourself with appropriate bug spray or protective clothing. Many locations do sell bug sprays but as supplies are limited, they may not be in stock.

Q. Is the laundry mat on the island open? Where can I do laundry?
No, the laundry mat on the island is not open for business. It has been closed for years. The closest laundry mat is located in Oak Hall in the Food Lion shopping center.

Q. When is trash day and where are the dumps?
Weekly household waste is picked up based on your zone.* Bulk collection (scrap metal, appliances, and furniture) are available monthly and Brush Collection is offered quarterly. If you wish to use the Bulk Collection service, citizens must contact the town office 48 hours in advance to schedule the pick up.
Dumps are located here on the island on Deephole Rd. or on the mainland in Atlantic, off Greta Rd.
*All other information, including your zone may be found here.

Q. Where can we buy groceries and household supplies while on the island?
Are there any fresh markets or seafood markets?
A. On the Island:

Grocery: Island Foods on Cleveland St.,
Dollar General on Pensions St., Family Dollar on Maddox Blvd.
Fresh Market: Church Street Produce on Church St.;
Whiteraven's Nest Farmer's Market on Maddox Blvd.
Seafood Market: Gary Howard Seafood on Deephole Rd.,
Ricky's Seafood & Produce on Beebe Rd,
Seabest Seafood Market on Cleveland St.,
Tom's Cove Aquafarms on Lighthouse Ln.
On the mainland:
Grocery: Food Lion on rt. 13 at T's Corner
Fresh Market: T's Corner Produce Stand, Shore Flee Market on rt. 13
Seafood Market: Ray's Shanty

Q. Can I go to the waterpark if I am not staying at Jellystone?
Yes it is open to the public. Just have to purchase a ticket and enjoy!

Q. Where can I fish on CI?
We have several locations available for public fishing. The town pier and piers located at both the Robert N. Reed Waterfront Park and Veteran's Memorial Park are all suitable locations for day and night fishing.

Q. Do I need a fishing license to fish around CI? If so, how much are the fees? Where can I get one?
Yes, you do. Licenses can be purchased at Capt. Steve's Bait and Tackle.
All information pertaining to obtaining a fishing license,
including regulations and fees, can be found here
You do not need a license to fish at Veteran's Memorial Park.

Q. What is there to do when we have inclement weather?
There is more to do on CI than you think when the weather doesn't cooperate. Local dining and shopping are the first things on the list. Discover all the cute little shops CI has to offer. Catch a movie at The Island Theater. Check out the Museum of Chincoteague (on CI) or The Bateman Center (on AI). Visit the CI Library or one of the Art Galleries.

Q. Where can I run my dog?
CI has a dog park located at the nature trail next to the combined school. More information to come on this topic including any fees associated with the dog park.

Q. Where can I launch my boat or kayak?
A. There are launches at several locations.
Curtis Merritt Harbor, Veteran's Memorial Park,
Town Pier/Dock at the American Legion Post #159.

Q. Is the beach on Chincoteague? Do I need to drive a car or can I walk or bike?
There is no beach on Chincoteague Island. The publicly accessible beach is located on Assateague Island otherwise known as the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge. No you do not need to drive, however the bike/walking path is a long hike. If you do choose to bike or walk the horseflies and mosquitos will love you.

Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge

Assateague Island

Q. When is the Refuge open?
Seasonal Hours: Spring and Fall 6:00am - 800pm,
Summer 5:00am - 10:00pm, Winter 6:00am - 6:00pm.
Additional information including free admission days and closures check here.

Q. Is there a fee? If so, how much and where can they be obtained?
Yes, there is a fee.  You can obtain a pass or duck stamp at either the entrance booth (when open) or The Bateman Visitor Center.  You can find the current information about the Bateman Center here.
Current information about fees can be found here.

Q. Where can we see the ponies!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Our beautiful Chincoteague Ponies are split between 2 herds North and South.  The South herd has a corral that the public can visit. Roaming ponies can be seen in different places at different times of the day. They are good at hiding and if it’s hot they will find shade.  Curtis Merritt Harbor is home to a plethora of talented and knowledgeable captains who have mastered the ponies schedule and can usually find them.  Taking a cruise is one of the best ways to find ponies although it is never guaranteed. If you want to try finding them on foot here is a printable trail map for the Refuge.

Q. When is the Lighthouse open to visitors?
The lighthouse has its own visitor’s seasonal schedule. They close during the winter and in cases of inclement weather and safety. The lighthouse is typically open for climbs between 10:00am to 3:30pm.

Q. Where can I obtain the use of a beach wheelchair?  How much does it cost?
Beach wheelchairs are free to use and are available at the Tom’s Cove Visitor Center located at the turn circle before the beach parking lots.  The wheelchairs are free to use but there are time limitations.

Q. Are there lifeguards on the beach?
Yes and no.  Lifeguards are typically only on duty during the summer season between the hours of 10:00am to 5:00pm in designated areas.

Q. Can we fish on the beach?
Yes, fishing, crabbing, and clamming are permitted in designated areas.  Virginia Saltwater Fishing License is required and state size and quantity regulations apply.

Q. Can we have fires on the beach?
Open campfires are permitted by permit only.  The permit is free.  You can only build campfires in designated areas. To obtain a permit go to Tom’s Cove Visitor Center.  Additional rules and conditions can be found here.

Q. Can we drive on the beach?
Yes, by permit only. All information about permitting and restrictions can be found here.

Q. Can I get married on the beach?
Yes, they love love on the beach!
Permits are $50 being issued by the National Park Service
and obtainable by contacting
Haley Blizzard

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